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High-performance solutions for reconditioning, recycling and managing your pallets

We are a one-stop shop with centralized turnkey solutions that allow for effective strategic planning, reliable supply and comprehensive support for your pallets across your operations. We can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.


By participating in defining your initial requirements and rigorous planning of logistics, IPS ensures efficient management of your pallets in conjunction with your operations.

  • Technical specifications
  • Custom pallet design
  • Special needs
  • Definition of quantities
  • Resource and inventory planning
  • Planning of movements and handling operations
  • Evaluation of costs, etc.


We manage your pallets and simplify this process to avoid complex problems and unnecessary costs. Our structure and logistics allow us to take charge of every stage of the useful life of your pallets.
We buy your pallets.

  • Overall operational planning
  • Customized management of your pallet stock
  • Forecasting of quantities, creation
  • Inventory management, continuous supply and emergency needs (3-hour delivery)
  • Storage (fixed and mobile fleets)
  • Pallet manufacturing
  • Pallet evaluation, repair, reconditioning and recycling
  • Transportation and delivery (Quebec, Ontario, United States and Europe)
  • Pickup and recovery center
  • Nodal service for decommissioning production sites and industrial fleets, distribution centres, commercial complexes, etc.
  • Quick technical support


IPS has developed modern and safe installations to optimize all reconditioning operations under one roof. We are the only company with automated lines to distribute incoming pallets and process them to the various repair stations.

  • Sorting
  • Cleaning
  • Disassembly / nail removal
  • Repair
  • Modification
  • Assembly
  • Conditioning

We unclutter your site from non-returnable or non-usable pallets!

When pallets are impossible to repair, we upgrade any raw materials that can be recycled.

Contact us today to learn how IPS can improve your pallet fleet management and the performance of your operations.

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