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IPS is more than a simple contributor to current eco-environmental accountability. We are truly “Green Driven.”

Eco-responsibility is central to IPS’s activities and an integral part of its mission.
The foundation of its business model rests entirely on the principles of sustainable development and respect for the environment.

This “Green Driven” initiative, which motivates the company and guides its decisions, enables IPS to offer comprehensive, proven solutions that directly contribute to the circular economy by upgrading used industrial pallets and wood and cardboard scrap that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

This action makes daily life and management decisions a little simpler for IPS’s clients and ensures sustainability of resources by reconditioning and recycling obsolete products. It also helps customers raise awareness across their ecosystem about the importance of preserving our precious environment.

This is the great dynamics of IPS’s “Green Driven” initiative. Its wave of momentum that brings together customers, partners and suppliers from a range of industries and sectors.

Contact us today to learn how IPS can improve your pallet fleet management and the performance of your operations.

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